Presale Listing Request

Presale Listing on MNHost Platform helps your investors to buy your Presale Masternodes easily without any risk. The Presale listing is visible on MNHost platform Presale Masternodes section with links to your website, whitepaper, github and social media accounts.

Listing Fee : 500,000 (CDM)

Presale Listing Form


MNHost – Developed by Condominium team, will review your presale listing request and list your coin within 1-2 days.

Presale Listing service by MNHost works similar to an escrow. Once the buyer purchased Presale Masternode(s) on MNHost, Presale Coin team will transfer the Masternode Coins to the buyers wallet. Once the buyer confirms the transaction, MNHost team will verify and release payment to the coin team in Bitcoin. (Payment Gateway charges 2% will apply on Transaction)